Mod Podge How-to

No Painting Required!

No painting required? Yes it's true! Our original and beautiful art images guarantee fantastic fun wood toys with no painting! You can print the art image pages included in the plan set on your color computer printer, then glue the art to the wood using Mod Podge paste. You'll be able to quickly and easily craft an exciting wood toy. If you make wood toys to sell you can easily and quickly build multiples of each toy. Read more about How to Use Mod Podge.

How do I apply the colorful art to the toys? All of the art images needed for each toy is provided in the plan set at full-size. The pages are designed to print on any home or office color computer printer using standard 8-1/2" x 11” paper*. The art is cut out with scissors and applied to the wood using standard Mod Podge paste available at your local crafts stores such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and online. If you're using an Inkjet printer to print your art image pages you'll want to seal the pages with spray-on clear sealer**. A final coat of brush-on clear finish or spray clear finish is recommended for a rugged finish for active play.
* For our international customers: Adequate margins are included on every page for easy printing on A4 paper.
** For more detailed instructions on using Inkjet printers read more on "How to make successful Inkjet color prints" in How to Use Mod Podge.

NOTE: All paints and clear polyurethane finishes manufactured in the US are non-toxic when dry. For more detailed instructions read more about How to Use Mod Podge.

How to use Mod Podge

Our Royalty Free Guarantee

You can build as many of the toys as you like! There are no restrictions on how many toys you can build. We completely support toymakers who are interested in making toys to sell. There are no royalty fees on any of our plans and you can make and sell as many of the toys as you like anywhere in the world.

John and Cynthia Lewman
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